September 21, 2023

Aussie News Today is an exciting social networking initiative, launched by three dynamic Aussies – Wallabies rugby league star, Nick Cummins (also known as The Honey Badger) and former TV presenter, Lincoln Lewis. Uniquely Australian content has been collected from all over the country and generously shared worldwide using Tourism Australia’s powerful social networking channels and content sites. Launched in May 2021, Aussie News Today features articles and blogs written by Aussies, including stories and reviews from your favourite restaurants and cafes, local events, travel tips, local culture, history and much more. Now in its second year, this site continues to draw visitors from around the world.

“Social media and digital publishing has had an enormous impact on tourism in Australia and Aussie News Now is part of this transformation,” says Tourism Australia CEO, James Caglay. “The powerful combination of Aussie news content and social media interactivity has proved to be an effective way in which we can engage with our customers and local stakeholders and truly make a difference.” Aussie News Today’s online presence has been enhanced by the inclusion of Aussie Photos and Aussie Words, two exciting new content products from Tourism Australia. These cleverly designed photo/word mugs take the focus away from boring old articles and provide a fresh and engaging reading experience for Aussie news readers everywhere.

Managing Director, Michael Caglay states “With Aussie News, we are getting the best of both worlds. We are building a community of Australian storytellers who are engaged, informed and passionate about their country. They are providing a voice for the people who just cannot seem to get a word out. Through Aussie News we are engaging with a much broader audience than might previously have thought possible.” With Aussie News as the focal point for managing directors and art directors across the nation, it is not surprising that more organisations are taking advantage of this free and easy way of connecting with local stakeholders, creating and disseminating quality content, while engaging and connecting with a global network of like-minded businesspeople.

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